About me

I've always had a soft spot for bags, especially large tote bags that are roomy enough to fit everything I need. I was inspired in Boston, where I thought of trying to make them myself for the first time while buying a large interesting-looking bag.

So I started in 2014. At first I wanted to make exclusively patchwork bags, but eventually I started making simpler desings using homemade canvas and various cotton fabrics. I usually order my fabrics from Germany and Czech Republic or just buy them in smaller local stores. Before I begin working on a bag I wash and iron the fabrics. The leather straps are made of leather shipped from Italy. I always handle each bag with care and focus on its quality. Each of my bags is original, using different fabric and color combinations.

With time I've added different kind of bags - mini hip packs, that attach to belt loops and are perfect for carrying small everyday essentials, especially when you want to keep your hands free. They can also be attached to a strap and worn as a shoulder bag.